Upgrade Failure - Redirect Loop

I had a problem to update to the latest version of wordpress: the administration panel, after logging in, did not load. In this post forum we can find a possible solution.

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La classifica delle 10 migliori fiorentine di Firenze

La bistecca è il genere di carne maggiormente amato dalle persone del globo terraqueo e a Firenze trova la sua massima espressione nella Fiorentina. La bistecca alla Fiorentina, ha un vero e proprio codice d’identità, con un suo modo di cottura: non va torturata e violentata, va cotta a dovere. È il miglior pezzo della carne macellata, la parte più nobile del bove, il manzo, mai di vitello: lasciata volutamente col manico, senza distaccarla dal costato – il famoso osso a T –  e deve essere alta almeno tre dita, pesare almeno un chilo e contenere il filetto. Disponibile anche la mappa. [dal sito Agrodolce.it] Continue reading

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Unify – Unicode support on browsers and devices

Unicode symbols are tricky beasts. They are useful and convenient, and can reduce the overhead of downloading an extra icon font or rendering an extra SVG shape, but Unicode support varies significantly among browsers. So what if your icon font doesn’t load and your Unicode character fallback isn’t displayed in the browser? If your users can’t see an icon at all, then the functionality might as well be non-existent. This is unacceptable.With Unify, John Holt Ripley tirelessly collects data in regards to the support of Unicode characters tested on 77 devices. For example, if you’re using the 3 horizontal line “burger” icon for your navigation, it’s better to use 2261 (≡) with the 95% device support. By the way, don’t forget that using the private use area of the unicode range might trigger IE8 into compatibility mode, so it’s often a good idea to consider SVG instead.

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Set proxy for Grunt

Before starting to play with Grunt, I had to set up properly the proxy. After several failed attempts, this is the way, step inside:

npm config set proxy http://your-proxy-url:port-number [--global]

After this, you can install Grunt with the usual command:
npm install -g grunt-cli

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