Grunt Responsive Images

Steps to install and to use Grunt plugin (by Andi Smith) for create automatic responsive images.

  1. First of all: Grunt & co. installed (need help?);
  2. Secondly: install GraphicsMagick (recommended directly by Andi).  I am Windows XP user, then I will explain how to install it: downloaGraphicsMagick logod via FTP the last version .exe file from this directory, I recommend the Q8 type (GraphicsMagick-1.3.20-Q8-win32-dll.exe), right for web images. Then launch the .exe file, following the wizard instructions. At the end you should type some lines on Command Prompt to test if everything is ok: if so you will see a “nice” GraphicsMagick logo image.
  3. then: type this line of JavaScript inside your project’s Gruntfile.js, to load plugin task
  4. So on: I tried this task configuration, with default options:
    responsive_images: {
      myTask: {
       options: { },
       files: {
        'dest/test-img.jpg': 'test/assets/test-img.jpg'
      } ...

    Using the default options will produce 3 responsive images – one at 320px wide, one at 640px wide and one at 1024px wide.

  5. type grunt in your cmd and…it works.

Other info and utilities on Github plugin page.

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